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Naked Brands by David Perell – People want to connect with people — not companies. 

The Rise of “No Code” by Ryan Hoover – As creating things on the internet becomes more accessible, more people will become makers. It’s no longer limited to the <1% of engineers that can code resulting in an explosion of ideas from all kinds of people.

Dollar Shave Club and The Disruption of Everything by Ben Thompson – A company so intently focused on growing revenue is incapable of slicing one of their most profitable lines by half or more.

What is Amazon by Zach Kanter – So, what is Amazon? It started as an unbound Walmart, an algorithm for running an unbound search for global optima in the world of physical products. It became a platform for adapting that algorithm to any opportunity for customer-centric value creation that it encountered. If it devises a way to keep its incentive structures intact as it exposes itself through its ever-expanding external interfaces, it – or its various split-off subsidiaries – will dominate the economy for a generation. And if not, it’ll be just another company that seemed unstoppable until it wasn’t.

Ten Principles for How to Run a Company by Niko Canner – These ten principles require judgment, skill and art to apply effectively.

Scale and Loyalty are more important online than offline, which drives much of the “winner take most” reality of the internet by Gavin Baker – Scale and loyalty are more important online than offline primarily for four reasons. 1) The fact that “CAC is the new rent,” 2) the mechanics of how the Google and Facebook auctions work, 3) the reality that customer loyalty effectively lets online companies avoid paying this “rent,”and 4) the fact that AI/ML are so important on the internet and scale drives better AI/ML.

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