Seasoned expert with a decade of experience and an exceptional track record of success in using digital strategy and tactics to increase revenue and profit.

• As head of marketing, effectively handles all SEO/SEM/PPC for 4 online stores: SweepScrub.com, CleaningEquipmentDirect.com, CleaningPartsDirect.com, two Amazon vendor/marketplaces, & 2 eBay Business accounts using best practices

• Applies A/B testing to improve ecommerce stores using Google Optimize to learn what enhances the performance of ads & end user design

• Self-driven to successfully plan, manage & complete projects independently, initiate new projects, & work under a budget to achieve certain predetermined KPIs and ROIs

• Boosted ROI by doubling conversion value on Google AdWords campaigns

• Interprets data into monthly report based on information from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Shopify, Amazon, & eBay reports, which go over every dollar for ads, return on ads, lifetime value of customer, returns from marketing efforts, adjustments that might need to be made for the budget.

• Recruited & hired external contractors & supervised work by setting scope of goals, agendas, & schedules to meet deadlines

• Executed a project from contract to completion on scraping content of one store to another 

• Migrated 10-year-old ecommerce store to Shopify to optimize it for all digital marketing campaigns

• Collaborated with local printers & designers on local branding marketing campaigns

• Advanced production of creative content by sending out bimonthly email marketing campaigns, and maintaining customer relationships, & support on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts

• Implemented live chat on all ecommerce stores to facilitate product searching, provide consulting, & learn how to adapt to customer needs

• Works & vendors on pricing updates and inventory management

• Manages all inventory through excel functions such as VLOOKUP & update online inventory data including current pricing, pictures, tags, and descriptions

• Experienced in targeting audience for B2B & B2C sales