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Weekly Highlights – (10/05/19)

New Productivity

Everyone is online now. The reason we’re looking at nursing or truck drivers or oil workers is that an entire generation now grew up after the web, and grew up with smartphones, and assumes without question that every part of their life can be done with a smartphone. In 1999 hiring ‘roughnecks’ in a mobile app would have sounded absurd – now it sounds absurd if you’re not. And that means that a lot of tasks will get shifted into software that were never really in software at all before. 

Five Writing Tips

“Never start with a blank page. Start with anything. It could be an outline, it could be starting with quotes or excerpts from what other people have said about your topic or even an adjacent one. It could be “I want to make this point, and here’s why.” It could be “here are three people who I hope get something out of this, and why.” It doesn’t even have to be text: one trick I usepretty often is grabbing screenshots of tweets and throwing them into my Evernote doc. You can get rid of all of this later, although you may decide you want to keep it after all.”

Irish Butter Kerrygold Has Conquered America’s Kitchens

“Unlike in the U.S., where 100% grass-fed production represents only 1% to 2% of dairy farms, in Ireland a grass diet is the norm. Irish cows benefit from the longest grass-growing season in Europe: They graze for as many as 300 days each year. In the winter months, they eat primarily fermented grass known as silage. Public policy plays a role, too. Ireland’s Department of Agriculture closely monitors each farm’s stocking rate, ensuring they don’t raise more cows than they have the grass to feed. With enough pasture available to support the cows, buying grain to feed them would amount to an added cost, without the added benefit.”

Weekly Thoughts: Chenmark Capital

We can all agree that the Dolphins are not having the best start to their season, currently sitting at 0-4 with a historically worst -137 point differential.

That said, there are still some lessons to be learned from the team, especially first-year head coach Brian Flores. The former Defensive Coordinator for the Patriots (we can’t stray too far from the Pats…) is big into mantras and one of the most common among the Dolphins is T.N.T. which stands for ”Takes No Talent”.  T.N.T. highlights how many things do not take any talent at all, just effort, discipline, and focus.  The acronym is prominently displayed on a wall at the Dolphins practice facility, and when a player makes a T.N.T. mistake, they must run and touch the wall.  These days, there are a lot of people running back and forth from the field to the wall.

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